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Our evidence-based marketing approach provides us with a unique lens to observe and provide insights and commentary on industry news and common client experiences. Please note that any similarities of the events and insights provided here to your current brand situation are purely intentional and should not be considered coincidental. If you see yourself or your brand in any of the blog posts below, feel free to comment and tell us about your experiences.

Four Ways Rare Disease Marketing is Different from Traditional Marketing

Individual in a crowdThe explosive growth in the number of filings and associated approval of drugs to treat rare diseases has outstripped the supply of qualified, experienced rare-disease marketers. Unless you are retiring in the next 5 years, there is a strong possibility that you’ll be working in a rare disease market. So, it’s critical to consider how rare disease marketing is different from traditional biotechnology marketing.

There are four key differences that immediately come to mind that any marketer or company getting involved in rare disease should keep in mind. Read On

Every Hero Needs a Backstory. What’s Yours?

superheroHow interesting would a superhero movie be if it immediately jumped right to the part where the hero fights the epic battle, defeats the villain, and saves the day? Although the action might captivate your attention for a few minutes, you’re ultimately not likely to remember much about it once it’s over if you haven’t been provided with the backstory. The backstory gives you context, and more importantly, it explains why you should even care.

Yet with the heroes of our industry, ahem our pharmaceutical brands, we consistently feel the need to just jump right to the part where our brand saves the day. This archaic approach leaves our customers, whether prescribers or patients, in the same quandary as my fictitious moviegoer – trying to figure out on her own why she should care. Read On

Patient Identification Key to Launch Success

Patient SelectionBeing able to clearly articulate to both physicians and patients ‘who is’ and ‘who is not’ the optimal candidate for your drug is probably the single most important task a Brand Team must execute in the days following FDA approval. In order to accomplish this, your marketing efforts to clearly identify and articulate the patient-types best suited for your drug must start early.

Unfortunately, inflated sales forecasts and launch expectations developed during the pre-launch phase often push Brand Teams to cast the net as wide as possible. The resistance to focus during pre-launch often leads to quotes from physician and patient launch research like the following: Read On

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