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Our evidence-based marketing approach provides us with a unique lens to observe and provide insights and commentary on industry news and common client experiences. Please note that any similarities of the events and insights provided here to your current brand situation are purely intentional and should not be considered coincidental. If you see yourself or your brand in any of the blog posts below, feel free to comment and tell us about your experiences.

Essential to Launch the Brand, Not the Vision

Most products being launched in Oncology and Immunology these days are “pipeline in a product” assets. In fact, the average number of indications for each new product in development has increased steadily since 2014.

This shift has led to a dramatic impact on positioning development, with Brand Teams often more focused on developing “positioning” that is actually a long-term vision for the molecule instead of focusing on successfully positioning the lead indication. It’s like going on a first date and talking about marriage and names for your eventual children. It’s just too soon, and this vision-based focus may cause you to lose your chance to make the best first impression. From our experience in pharma positioning, focusing primarily on what the clinical development program might provide results in inexecutable brand positioning that is generally incompatible with the initial indication. For example, focusing on “first choice in first line” when you’re launching with a third-line indication isn’t the best approach.

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First Few Prescribing Experiences Determine Physician Perceptions

The importance of proper patient identification at launch cannot be overstated. The feedback from the initial patients prescribed your product is one of the most important factors in determining how physicians perceive its utility vs. the competition.  Multiply this by all your target physicians, and these initial experiences have a huge impact on your initial launch curve and ultimately launch success. While patient experiences may be channeled through nurses, other healthcare professionals or even office staff, they always finds their way back to the physician. We consider these invisible product ‘details’ to be among the most important initial drivers or barriers to physician prescribing at launch, and they take a couple of forms.

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Understand The ‘Zone of Credibility’ for Your Brand Before You Make Content Investments

Zone of Credibility

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Marketers increasingly frustrated by the limitations of the package insert and desperate to seek value-added services, have tried to engage their target HCPs by offering content that extends beyond the product itself. When examined, this attempt to reach beyond the product has been met with resistance.

In assessing the marketing effectiveness of a HCP CRM program from a biotechnology company, ROF quantified huge perceived credibility gaps among HCPs on a variety of non-drug content topics. An illustrative quote from a physician pinpointed the issue.

“I view the manufacturer as the experts on their product
(e.g., effectiveness, access, side effect management, administration)
but this does not extend to other content areas.”

At ROF, we refer to this as the ‘zone of credibility.’ HCPs pointed out in the research that there are timelier and more credible sources of information for such common content areas as:

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