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    Who We Are

    Two highly skilled and experienced marketing experts that have been applying the principals of evidence-based marketing for more than 10 years lead the ROF team

    Our passion for following the evidence extends beyond our analyses to our clients and their products. We love what we do, and we want our clients to enjoy the process as much as we do.


    Dan Reinhardt

    Industry experience

    • Over 25 years of client and supplier-side marketing experience
    • Founded, led and sold successful brand positioning company
    • Created ROF in 2006 with the level of evidence philosophy based on the underlying need in the biopharmaceutical industry

    Core Belief

    Most Clients have too many strategic ambitions that are poorly supported and sub-optimally resourced, making it nearly impossible to successfully execute


    Critically examining “grandfathered” strategies and “tenured” investments to make way for what truly works for your brand

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    Abby Manning

    Industry experience

    • Over 20 years of client and supplier-side marketing experience
    • 10+ years of focus on Integrated Pharmaceutical Marketing

    Core Belief

    There is no lack of pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketing evidence, only a lack of forensic marketers to make sense of it


    Finding an unexpected “nugget” during an analysis that changes the way my clients view their product or market

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