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Understand The ‘Zone of Credibility’ for Your Brand Before You Make Content Investments

Zone of Credibility

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Marketers increasingly frustrated by the limitations of the package insert and desperate to seek value-added services, have tried to engage their target HCPs by offering content that extends beyond the product itself. When examined, this attempt to reach beyond the product has been met with resistance.

In assessing the marketing effectiveness of a HCP CRM program from a biotechnology company, ROF quantified huge perceived credibility gaps among HCPs on a variety of non-drug content topics. An illustrative quote from a physician pinpointed the issue.

“I view the manufacturer as the experts on their product
(e.g., effectiveness, access, side effect management, administration)
but this does not extend to other content areas.”

At ROF, we refer to this as the ‘zone of credibility.’ HCPs pointed out in the research that there are timelier and more credible sources of information for such common content areas as:

  • Disease state information
  • Clinical data releases
  • Conference information and meeting summaries
  • KOL Interviews
  • Practice & Treatment Guidelines

In short, HCPs viewed the elements above outside the manufacturers zone of credibility and therefore, discounted (or more likely, ignored) the value the manufacturer was trying to provide.

On the flip side, our research confirmed the content areas that are considered within the brand’s zone of credibility as measured by HCP responses. These areas included:

  • Dosing and administration
  • Side effect management
  • Patient assistance
  • Benefits coordination and reimbursement services
  • Clinical trial information about your brand
  • Patient education materials

You may be asking yourself, why is this the first time I’m hearing of this? The answer is few brands actually quantify the zone of credibility afforded by their customers. However, once you clearly define the credibility zone for your brand, the marketing effectiveness of your commercial investments can only increase.

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