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What We’re About – Evidence-Based Marketing

Evidence-Based Marketing is the disciplined integration of internal, Client evidence with external strategic marketing expertise and normative values. At ROF, we start by taking a hard look at the evidence you’ve already gathered regarding a specific area of interest for your brand. We then overlay that with two additional, but critical elements. First, we layer on our extensive strategic pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketing expertise. After all, the evidence that exists for a given issue or investment is only as valuable as the actionable insights it yields. We review your existing research with an objective, unbiased filter that allows us to derive maximum learnings from the work you’ve already done.

When that’s complete, we take it one step further. We believe that taking an insular approach to pharmaceutical marketing yields suboptimal results. So, as part of our systematic process, we dig deep into the evidence for analogous and comparative brands across the industry. Our experience working with dozens of different products and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies has allowed us to build an extensive understanding of both actual and perceptual normative values. In other words, we are deft at identifying situational brand parallels and employing our unique approach to optimize the transference and application of the findings to assist your product’s marketing efforts.

Our Foundational A-5 Process

ROF has developed a systematic and disciplined approach that is applied to each assignment we undertake. It involves five key steps designed to optimize both the input received and output generated. The goal is to infuse every aspect of the project with the highest level of evidence possible.

Our Unique Lens

Our core belief is that marketing investment decisions should be made based on the level of evidence or support available. The examination by ROF is devoid of promotional prejudice and provides the objectivity required for intensive examination. The output of our projects is a comprehensive assessment of existing supportive evidence coupled with a detailed action plan designed to assist in increasing the level of evidence where necessary and providing richer support to drive improved return.

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