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2014 – The Year of Finding Focus

Year of FocusMost of us have a year-end ritual of cleaning up our literal and virtual files. As part of this process, we often end up taking stock in the outcomes of the multiple projects that were undertaken over the course of 2013. Every marketer is required to do more with less within the biopharmaceutical industry. But that ‘more’ isn’t always yielding better results. Ironically, the quantity may actually obscure the quality behind your brand efforts.

Every marketer will tell you that the prefer to be doing less tactics that yield more results, and this is why I’m proclaiming that 2014 become the year of finding focus.

So, what does finding focus mean for your brand?

  • Focus on the right customers – work to delight the optimal someones for your brand versus trying to please everyone, and prioritize keeping your existing customers happy and adherent before you obsess about finding new ones
  • Focus on the right brand story – seek out the communication platform that may seem limiting, until you validate that it resonates so completely with your target customers that it acts as a beachhead to achieving a larger source of business
  • Focus on the right strategy – satiate the needs of those physicians and patients who are actively seeking information about your product – demand conversion strategy – before attempting the more expensive proposition of generating demand
  • Focus on the right investments – strive to develop less initiatives, while fully funding the ones that actually deliver results and are scalable to allow you to optimize funding over the course of 2014

Finding focus will not only help you close out the year with fewer project files to organize, but it will also help you to ensure greater success for your brand in 2014. Those marketers that can clearly demonstrate the ability to achieve strategic, communication, and investment focus within turbulent markets will remain in high demand. Those that don’t . . .

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