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    Do your Experts Practice What They Preach?

    Do your Experts Practice What They Preach?

    May 6, 2011

    Over the past couple of years, I have taken up cycling. For anyone who has recently developed a new hobby, you know that each interest comes with its own tools and equipment, and these can be costly. When I was purchasing my first road bike, I not only researched the bikes, but the bike shops in my area. I wanted to be sure that I got advice from people who not only read about the bikes, but people who actually rode them and knew how they handled in real word conditions.

    This may seem like a common sense approach, but we are finding that our clients are often taking strategic advice from partners who do not practice what they preach.
    For instance, who is helping to create the social media and online strategies for your brand or organization?

    • Are they tweeting or blogging on a regular basis?
    • Do they discuss how they optimize their own site based on deep insights from Google Analytics?
    • Does your Account or Strategic Lead actively participate in any of these activities?

    If not, how can they advise you on what works, what tools are best, and how to staff for the time commitment involved?

    If your agency’s website is built using the latest technologies but cannot be viewed properly within your corporate browser, perhaps they should not be leading your brand user experience analysis. And if your partner’s own CRM strategy consists of nothing more than an annual holiday eCard, perhaps you should seek outside counsel when creating your brand CRM strategy.

    Outside of work, you wouldn’t buy a bike from someone who doesn’t ride, and you wouldn’t take skiing lessons from someone who did not ski. So why take marketing advice from marketers who aren’t successfully marketing themselves?

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