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I Want To Be Innovative, Now Show Me the Case Study

InnovationNothing quite encapsulates the current mindset of the biopharma industry than the identical quotes that I heard from two separate companies on opposite coasts regarding the desire to be innovative.

“I want to be more innovative. . . . Can you send me a case study?”

Both times the quote was uttered were in reference to reviewing some out of the box thinking brought forth to address a challenging industry issue. Think co-pay assistance for Medicare Part D patients. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a Top 20 biopharma company that doesn’t either have innovation within their tagline or as part of their corporate vision.

Now, I don’t disagree with the need for innovation within our industry, but the hurdle placed on the ‘innovative’ ideas was just unreasonable. For an idea to truly be innovative, you likely will not find another brand that has already done it, and you certainly won’t be able to measure the effectiveness of the idea before investing.

Keep in mind that the road less traveled isn’t on Google Maps!

Understanding that the guideposts for innovation can’t be case studies, what evidence can we use to evaluate this new thinking?

Innovative ideas should be rooted in:

  • Customer Insights
  • Brand Strategy
  • Channel Assessment
  • Metrics and Measurement

The above certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but it moves us away from the innovation oxymoron currently within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Continue to strive for innovation within your marketing efforts, but don’t create unreasonable barriers to achieving your goals.

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