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Have You Integrated Your Buying Process with Your Brand Planning Process?

Most Brand Teams are checking the box with the investment in an elaborate ‘Buying Process Model.’ Why do I say that? These models go through excruciating detail of how customers move through the healthcare ecosystem for a specific disease state. Yet for all this detail, I rarely see the buying process model actualized in developing the brand plan.

Most brand planning is done with a company focused, vertical mentality. Each functional department reviews the customer from their perspective and identifies segments, messaging, strategies, and tactics from that narrow pedestal. What’s lost is the longitudinal viewpoint from the patient’s perspective that is the basis of the buying process model. If you’ve invested in a model, consider changing the perspective of your brand plan from a functional, internally-facing approach to a more external, customer-focused approach.

The best brand planning experience that I’ve recently been a part of involved an astute Client who took the three key steps in the buying process and assigned cross-functional groups to address each step. The result was an efficient process that not only eliminated strategic and tactical redundancies, but left time for us to actually discuss metrics to evaluate success at each step.

Can you imagine if you had the time to discuss how to measure marketing effectiveness?

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