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Just Because You Really Want It, Doesn’t Make It So

In high school growing up in Missouri, I had friends whose Moms really wanted them to become fashion models. To this end, they took them to modeling events and put them in local runway shows. Needless to say, these activities didn’t yield the desired results . . . being discovered and walking the catwalk at Fashion Week in NYC. Eventually, the Moms ended up paying some local, shady business thousands of dollars based on the promise that they would take head shots, teach them to be models and eventually get them contracts. Well, I bet you can guess how that turned out.

But, why am I telling you, my pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, this story?!

Well, recently I have noticed many of our clients and would-be clients behaving like my friends’ Moms. They really want to be able to get this piece of data or find that evidence to support a decision or investment. In the quest to get what they want, they often end up shopping around to multiple vendors until someone tells them it can be delivered.

Below are just a few examples of this type of pharmaceutical marketing wishful thinking.

  • Finding robust, clinically-relevant HCP discussion within social media forums
  • Uncovering evidence to support DTC within low prevalence disease categories
  • Looking for evidence that pharmacists play a large role in patient care, because they are easier to reach than physicians

In these and other instances, instead of looking at the objective evidence like we would normally start with, they seek out, find, and follow the new guy with the great anecdote about success.

So… I bet you know how these stories turn out too.

When examining a new idea or initiative, especially if you’re emotionally invested in it, keep yourself in check and be sure to demand the highest level of evidence possible before committing dollars. Just like with would-be modeling careers, fad diets and “get rich quick” schemes, there will always be someone willing to take your money and tell you want you want to hear.

But I know you know better. After all, you’re reading this blog, right?

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