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2012 – The Year of Scale in Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Marketing

Reflecting on our past 12 months of level of evidence marketing, it’s readily apparent that 2012 is going to be the Year of Scale for successful pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketers.

  • Scale in the foundational illustrated by singular, focused brand positioning with a well-articulated and validated message hierarchy

  • Scale in the executional illustrated by a core set of anchor tactics that are fully funded and focused on owning the desired positioning

  • Scale in the operational illustrated by a reduced set of strategic suppliers delivering upon the foundational and executional

The cynic may view the reality of today’s environment as having to do more with less. The realist, like myself, views this as the welcome change. Our industry has a history of executing too many tactics, all sub-optimally funded, with multiple tactical suppliers, ultimately resulting in the watering down of the central promise of the Brand.

Regardless of your perspective on the new reality, it’s hard to dispute that successful marketers in 2012 will be the ones who are relentless in the pursuit of scale in the foundational, executional, and operational.

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