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Unbranded Patient Marketing—Strategic or Altruistic?

A couple of days ago I came across an article about a new unbranded effort from a leading pharma company and a top advocacy group using a well-known celebrity spokesperson. Now, their product is not even on the market yet, so this is a hefty investment for an already educationally-saturated disease state. But within the article, I came across a quote from the CEO of the advocacy group that really threw me. “The site is unbranded and excludes marketing of any kind.” Really? Then why would the pharmaceutical company make the investment in the first place?

Just because it’s unbranded doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work for your brand. If you’re like most of our clients, you don’t have an “altruistic marketing” line item in your budget. So, how can you determine if an unbranded marketing effort will drive the desired behaviors from your target customers?

At a recent conference, ROF teamed up with one of our clients to present a case study on using our Evidence-Based Marketing approach to maximize the impact of an integrated unbranded campaign. One of the most important aspects of this project was establishing a clear picture of the action cascade that would transpire between the unbranded and branded campaigns to drive action.

In order to ensure that we understood the customer impact of our unbranded efforts prior to launch, we did research to validate what patients would say to their doctors as a result of exposure, what the doctors would do based on what the patients articulated, and what patients were likely to do as a result of their physician’s action. What we learned from this research drove key modifications to the messaging and approach that substantially increased the likelihood of a patient receiving a recommendation for the Client’s brand.

Before you make a decision to establish an unbranded partnership, be sure to examine the evidence to ensure that the investment will, in fact, support your brand’s strategic marketing goals. Not sure how to get started? Give us a call.

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