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Why Social Media Strategies May be the ‘Social Virus’ of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Every brand should have a social media strategy and corresponding presence, right? With little support other than hype, this appears to be the prevailing wisdom in our industry.

Cold soreThe desire to “figure out” how to participate in social media continues to wax and wane both at the brand and senior management levels in many companies. In fact, the topic of Social Media engagement and investment is quickly becoming the herpes simplex of our industry. It periodically flares up and quickly becomes the focus of everyone’s attention and scrutiny, and then at the point at which you think you have almost learned to live with it . . . the idea recedes and goes back to a dormant state. But it’s not really gone… it’s simply lying in wait only to resurface at the most inconvenient time in the business planning cycle.

What’s the prescription to treat this affliction? It is an actual process to critically examine the evidence around social media engagement for your brand. In order to truly answer the question of whether or not your Brand or franchise should invest in social media, there are two distinct questions that need to be answered:

  1. Viability Assessment – Is it viable to expect that patients will engage you’re your Brand or organization within the social media channel?
  2. Opportunity Assessment – Does the social media opportunity for engagement within your category align with the goals, objectives and regulatory constraints of your brand and organization?

These questions are the basis behind the ROF Social Media Investment Decision Process™. The process that we employ may be short on bells and whistles but it’s long on actual evidence with a gated, six-step process.

So don’t sit idly waiting for the next Social Media Engagement flare to occur within your organization. Seek treatment now, while you have the chance!

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