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Five Things Every Commercial Product Developer Should Know

Evidence-Based Marketing, just like evidence-based medicine, works best when it’s practiced from the start. In pharmaceutical and biotech marketing, “the start” is better known as the commercial development process.

At ROF, we have been fortunate to attract a cadre of Clients with molecules in clinical development that have a strong desire to maximize the success of the molecules with evidence-base marketing. Five themes have emerged in our work worth sharing:

  1. Commercial Development Playbook is Outdated – For all the discussions about re-engineering development and fusing it with commercial insights, most companies are still working from a playbook created in the 1990s that is not aligned with today’s market dynamics.
  2. Need to Position Before You Get Positioned – Rapid, global transfer of scientific information via the web and now mobile, eliminates the ability to leisurely groom your brand persona and positioning over a series of years.
  3. Marketing Needs a Seat at the Clinical Table – Clinical can’t be solely driven by the minimums set by the FDA for approval and the futuristic insights of thought leaders who have limited insight into the everyday goings on of the community physicians that will ultimately treat 95% of the population.
  4. Not All Opinion Leaders Have Medical Degrees – With the speed and democratization of scientific data thanks to the web, consumer opinion leaders are sprouting up rapidly. These “influentials” leverage insights and social media platforms to shape opinions of entire communities.
  5. Intensified Scrutiny Requires Intensified Evidence – Given the pressure for pipelines to perform, objective evidence provides the touchstone for the commercial development team to make informed decisions to maximize the success of the molecule.

There is not another time in the brand lifecycle where the need for evidence is as intense as in the commercial development phase. This applies to both clinical and commercial. Every dollar spent is an investment. At ROF, we’re financial planners for our clients.

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