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What’s Missing from Tactical Execution? An Evaluation Criteria

Admit it! You have ‘bright shiny object syndrome.’

It’s easier and more pleasurable to think in terms of tactics and the creative development behind them than it is to think about strategic issues and level of evidence. But, before you fall in love with a tactical idea, take a step back and evaluate it with some objective criteria. Chances are in 2011 that you’re either going to be asked to prune some tactics or be given the opportunity to add to a tactical funding wish list. Why not be ready?

After objectively assessing the level of evidence behind more than two-dozen pharmaceutical marketing brand plans in 2010, let me share with you the basic ROF evaluation criteria for investments:

  1. Focus – Effective in reaching a defined, high value target that is quantifiable
  2. Scale – Able to be tested in a pilot phase and easily ramped up, if proven successful, to a level that can impact sales
  3. Additive – Covers multiple channels of communication to enhance the impact of each one
  4. Proximal – Close to the ‘point of prescription’ in the buying process
  5. Measurable – Beyond surrogate, transactional metrics to derive an ROI

The key is to have a set of objective criteria because when you’re put on the spot you want to and need to have a rationale. Publish the criteria to your team to increase the quality of ideas brought forth as you continue to iterate your plan moving forward.

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