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Reduce Your Patient Marketing Carbon Footprint

Sitting recently in a central research facility (behind the glass of course) a patient looked directly at the glass at the exact spot I was sitting and said, “Who is reading 16-page patient brochures?” I asked myself the same thing. Nobody has the attention span for 16 pages anymore, even if you believe they did before the age of the Internet.

This was reinforced to me when one of our launch brands completed a national pharmacy intercept study. Of the 900 patients that received Brand X, not one patient recalled receiving or seeing a patient brochure. This was despite the fact that our client’s sales warehouse showed that more than 50,000 brochures had been distributed the 3 months prior to the study.

Ask yourself – what’s the level of evidence to support your current patient brochure? Chances are, there are alternative communication vehicles that could yield a greater benefit to you brand.

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