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Prioritizing ‘Launch’ Website Over Traditional Tactics

This is going to be heresy, but I’m going to say it. Upon brand approval your top priority tactic should be your

Why? Once the press release hits the wire, where do your potential prescribers and patients look to for information about your product? In the last century, it was exclusively the sales representative. Today, it’s your site. It sounds reasonable and I’ve got the Google Analytics data across a bunch of recent approvals to prove it.

So why does the launch website content consistently play second fiddle to the traditional tactics, including the detail aid, dosing card, slim jim, patient education brochure, etc? You’re laughing, but I’ve witnessed first hand the prioritization of launch tactics for MLR or PRC push the web content review to the bottom of the list.

Sure you get out your ‘thin’ launch website, but one physician in recent market research summed it up nicely, “If I wanted to get the PI, I can go to dozens of other sites to get that. I want you to tell me about your drug first, then maybe I’ll invite the rep into my office.” In today’s environment, sales and marketing should be pushing to have a robust website available simultaneously with the launch field materials.

You only get that one chance to make a first impression with a potential customer. Do you really want it to be based on your brand’s label and not the marketing story you’ve spent months or years preparing?

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