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Online Listening Depends on the Sculptor, Not Just the Quality of the Clay

While it’s almost a year old, the Forrester Blog Post by James Kobielus – ‘Social Media Analytics: You Still Need Actual Analysts in the Loop’ continues to ring true. The post focused on the false belief, exposed by many, that sophisticated tech tools can eliminate the need for human intervention in monitoring/listening of online discussion.

It’s true that the technology tools for gathering, sorting, and processing publically-accessible information are getting more sophisticated, but these improvements do not obviate the need for skilled human intervention. Specifically, it is the strong and refined marketing lens that is required to, as Mr. Kobielus points out, “distinguish false positives from false negatives, ignoring the former and restoring the latter.” Too often pharmaceutical marketers are getting caught up in the subtle variations of the technology (i.e., the clay) and not focused on the skills (or even existence) of the experienced sculptor.

If you’ve recently gotten a social media analysis and wondered what you could actually do with the information, you’re missing out on actionable insights for your brand. How much longer are you going to go without the artistry of marketing application?

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