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One Size Does Not Fit All for Your Patient Support Program Stakeholders

Given our focus on prelaunch and launch specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology brands, ROF has had front row access to the development of several specialty pharmacy distribution models and practice/patient support programs designed to streamline patient access.

As part of our analyses, it has become apparent that an essential ingredient for program success is the understanding that the three primary stakeholders – physicians, patients/caregivers, and office staff – have varying needs and mindsets with regards your programs.

Our research at ROF has shown the following:

Physicians prefer to be informed about your process and programs.

  • They want to be aware of the basics, but do not have a keen interest in explicit details

Patients and caregivers need to be educated about the specifics of your program processes.

  • This education allows them to track the status of their requests without getting “lost” in the system

Office staff want, or more accurately, need to be intimately involved in your processes.

  • An in-depth knowledge of the details and nuances of your program will help them to lead the patient/caregiver through the process with minimal “headaches”, and it will lead to more positive reviews of your program to their physicians and other staff members

Patient Support Involvement

Too often today’s program design, development, and promotion is focused exclusively on the office, without an eye toward the role that physicians and patients/caregivers also play in the initial brand initiation experience. This lack of tailoring to the ‘mindset’ of the other key stakeholders often results in a tremendous amount of inefficiency and can lead to needless frustration with the brand/company.

Be sure to avoid these pitfalls by designing your program with all of your key stakeholders in mind. Not sure how to get started? Give us a call.

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