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Save the Detail, Just Help Me Get the Drug

Sales Rep DetailWith the democratization of clinical data release via the Internet, the idea that specialists, especially early adopters, are waiting to be detailed about the features and benefits of highly anticipated therapies is so last century. Simply put marketers need to prioritize communicating ‘how to get the product’ to physicians over how well it works!

Today, marketers of highly anticipated therapies need to recognize that maximizing launch uptake doesn’t revolve around the detail aid, but around the successful communication of your practice support services designed to facilitate access to your product. The implications to your launch readiness review can be profound:

  • Communication – Focus during the initial weeks after approval shifts from efficacy and dosing towards outlining service levels and guarantees of turnaround times for prescription adjudication
  • Materials – Priority to get in the hands of the representatives is no longer the detail aid, but the actual prescription start forms that serve as the intake vehicle for prescription access
  • Promotion – ‘Now Available’ advertisements are replaced with ‘How Available’ so targeted prescribers can see the simplicity behind accessing your product and the breadth of pharmacies participating in your program
  • Targeting – Total office call becomes a mandatory given the multiple players within the office that are involved in the actual pull-through of the prescription
  • Training – Launch Meetings no longer have a token 30 minute presentation on Access Services, but an entire day is dedicated to training field personnel on the intricacies of the access program

How do we know this to be true? At ROF, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in and distill keen insights from some of the biggest biopharma launches in our industry.

Come learn from our accumulation of launch readiness insights.

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