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Elevation of Social Media Insights into 6 Marketing Applications

Sentiment AnalysisPoorly conceived and hastily executed social media monitoring endeavors are stifling the enormous potential of social media insights to inform marketing decision-making. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Marketers should expect and demand more marketing application before green lighting funding for social media monitoring.

If you’re a Marketer, here are the 6 areas of insight you should expect to receive:

  1. Marketing Effectiveness – Was that big PR campaign a conversation catalyst among your key targets? What early observations can be derived prior to receiving the ROI study due to be delivered 6 months later?
  2. Disease and Brand Lexicon – What key terms and phrases do your targets use to describe their condition? Your Brand? Can you detect any patterns in the message hierarchy?
  3. Treatment Dynamics – Is that expensive treatment flow model proving out based on the tone and sentiment of online conversations? What are patients saying about the MD/patient dialogue that they likely would never reveal to you in market research, let alone to their physician?
  4. Advocacy – Which patient advocacy groups do patient gravitate to online? Is it the online group that behaves like a business or is it the grass roots version that challenges your company’s definition of an advocacy group?
  5. Thought Leadership – How well are your KOLs represented within the top social media channels? Institutions? Hospitals? Are you identifying ‘new’ KOLs whose influence extends at the very least within the Internet?
  6. Advertising/Sponsorship – Which communities are driving disease discussion? How does this compare to communities driving your brand’s discussion? What forms of advertising and sponsorships do they accept?

If you’re not receiving at least 4 out of the 6, you need to find a marketing company that understands technology . . . not the other way around.

I’m here if you need me.

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