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Digital Media Plans Miss the Target . . . Segment

Segmentation TargetMore and more, Clients are developing robust patient segmentation schemes to pinpoint, not only segment(s) who are most likely to positively respond to marketing efforts, but also to avoid the segment(s) least likely to respond to said marketing. The marketing application of these insights has proved difficult for some; especially in the area of media plan development. Despite the robust patient insights delivered, we still see media plans that feel more like digital disease-focused billboards versus highly focused plans designed to reach clearly defined target patients.

Here are 5 recommendations Clients need to consider when trying to actualize their patient segmentation through media plan development:

  1. Chase Quality, Not Quantity – You undertook segmentation to focus on the subset of customers most likely to respond to your Brand. Don’t let your media agency lose sight of the goal – reaching your high-value segment.
  2. Build Bottoms Up, Not Top Down – Start your base media plan development with sites that have a high concentration of your high-value segment versus just buying a ‘disease center’ on a more general health site. In today’s resource constrained environment, prioritization of media properties based on concentration of high-value segments allows you to quickly respond to media cuts or incremental funding with a strong rationale.
  3. Focus on Mindset, Not Location – You have a rich portrait of your high-value segment and you need to put it to good use. If your target segment consists primarily of disease ‘veterans’ seeking more specific and sophisticated information, buying the first impression on a general health site will likely be an incredibly wasteful investment. The media agency needs to understand the media implications of the segment mindset and be able to play those implications back to you before ever starting to put the plan together.
  4. Embrace Goals, Not Impressions – Vast majority of media placements have a specific goal in mind and regularly the goals get lost in a sea of meaningless numbers – impressions, clicks, visitors. In general, the goal is to reach the high-value segment wherever they are and direct them to the messaging or resource that you know will make them most amenable to your product. This is what you need to measure and ultimately report on!
  5. Prioritize Tracking, Not Reporting – Spend time with your market research colleagues and the vendor that completed your segmentation to set up an independent tracking plan to objectively assess the utility of the media plan. Too much time is spent producing beautiful looking media reports that provide no managerially-relevant information. Simultaneously approve the tracking plan and the media plan to ensure your team understands what is expected.

Focusing on the 5 recommendations above not only yields far superior media plans, but it also allows marketers to establish clear measures of success and accountability with their planning agency. With new levels of accountability in place, we’re sure you will see greater pull through and performance from your plan.

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