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Perils of Unfocused Positioning – Diluted Messaging

As part of our work in communication platform optimization, we get to see a lot of positioning statements and the vast majority of these suffer from the same fundamental flaw—being unfocused and not singular in nature. As an industry, there seems to be an intrinsic belief that all of the communication elements for a brand (efficacy, safety, dosing, and MOA) need to be jammed into the positioning statement, or perhaps it’s just a fear of leaving something out. Regardless of the rationale, there are a multitude of problems with this “kitchen sink” approach. In this post, I’m going to focus on one of these problems –supporting messaging.

If you have a brand positioning that includes every possible attribute of your brand, how can you possibly know which core messages are required to best support it in order to compel use of your brand? In fact, isn’t it really possible that any combination of messages could map back to an overly-broad positioning statement? This, in turn, makes uncovering research insights on messaging development far less productive until you attempt to find focus within the positioning.

What I’m getting at here is that if you don’t apply discipline to your brand positioning development then you can’t expect your supporting message platform to work all that hard for your brand. If you want to strengthen your product’s core message presentation, start by trying to gain some focus in your positioning statement.

Don’t be intimidated by this task. It isn’t about re-positioning, it’s about refined-positioning and gaining some much needed focus so you can develop more impactful supportive messaging to drive brand penetration.

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