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Your Brand Launch Rally Cry – Week 13

One of the most underappreciated pieces of analysis in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry is IMS’ Launch Excellence Report. With their global purview, tremendous historical data set, and access to prescription level data, IMS has demonstrated, going back to at least 2007 report, that the launch trajectory for a brand is set within the first few months after approval.

Barring a new indication and/or tectonic market event, a brand’s market trajectory is set roughly around Week 13. The implications on your launch timelines are profound, but still underappreciated by todays’ marketers who are responsible for the next big innovations in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology.

To highlight just one disconnect between this timing and industry realities, let’s look at the core visual aid. Many companies don’t have their primary sales piece, whether in print or on iPad, for months after approval.

With the ‘trajectory clock’ ticking, what has been lost that might never be regained? I’ve got some ideas shoot me an email.

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