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Great Patient Marketing Strategy NEVER Makes Up for a Poor HCP Strategy

Complex Communication EcosystemIt seems that today a consumer marketing strategy has become a default part of the standard launch playbook. However, in our experience, many marketers don’t fully understand the role of consumer marketing in driving brand success. The effective use of a patient marketing strategy starts with understanding its role relative to the professional strategy. The inevitable truth that most biopharma marketers need to recognize is that the success of this strategy is inextricably linked to the success of the HCP strategy. In other words, the best consumer strategy can never make up for a poor HCP strategy. Why? Because the physician controls the last mile. Read On

In Rare Diseases, Don’t Just Plan for the Empowered Patient

Marketers are rushing into rare disease positions as the job opportunities and product portfolio to treat these rare conditions dramatically expand. To the uninitiated, the allure of rare disease marketing is strengthened by the myth that all patients (and their families) have been empowered by their difficult circumstances, and that each is being treated by an expert in the field.

Rare Disease Patient MatrixIn consulting with organizations new to rare disease markets, most assume that patient marketing as a strategic lever is a foregone conclusion based on these false assumptions. In reality, to be successful in rare disease marketing, you need to plan your marketing efforts to address the reality for each of your patients as opposed to a marketing ideal.

Two key characteristics of rare disease markets are (1) the pre-diagnosis maze and (2) un-established referral patterns. Read On

Solving for Rubik’s Cube of Portfolio Marketing

Rubick's cubeSince our founding in 2006, Return on Focus’ Evidence-Based Marketing approach has appealed to specialty care and biotechnology companies looking to mirror the evidence-based medicine philosophy already established on the clinical side of the house. This has alignment in thinking has enabled us to garner a wealth of experience in Oncology and Immunology over the years.

Within these two areas, a common marketing challenge is how to effectively optimize the ‘pipeline in a product.’ A molecule that has the benefits of demonstrating activity across a broad spectrum of indications also poses the challenge of serving a diverse set of stakeholders with a product profile that doesn’t perform identically across all indications. Avastin in Oncology and Remicade in Immunology are the typical illustrations.

The marketing goal for these ‘pipeline in a product’ brands is to successfully plan for and optimize the portfolio through astute marketing. To assist Clients in visualizing the challenge and the opportunity, we use a Rubik’s cube metaphor. The three dimensions of the cube most commonly represent the following: Read On

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