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Institutionalize Segmentation Solution Through Cross-Functional Socialization

The word ‘segmentation’ gets marketers and market researchers alike shuddering just thinking about all the trials and tribulations necessary to yield a final solution that never really gets actualized by the organization. Why is this so?

A segmentation solution never actualized, no matter how rigorous, is expensive and worthless. At ROF, we believe that the route to segmentation actualization involves designing output(s) that addresses the information that is most relevant to the various cross-functional team members that need to pull it through.

We rely on a 5-point plan at the deliverables stage of all our segmentation projects to satiate the needs of the various the Client audiences in internalizing the findings:

  1. Power Point Deck with Executive Summary Slides – Industry standard, which allows for quick socialization with senior management
  2. Patient Vignettes with Segmentation Annotation – Dimensionalizing the segments through pictures and storytelling appeals to visual and emotional style of creative partners
  3. Segment Scorecards with Key Variables – Highlighting in a factual manner against the mean key variables that distinguish the segment provides the snapshot view essential for product managers and media partners
  4. Discriminant Segmentation Model in Excel – Revealing the pure mathematics of the segmentation solution appeals to the logic of the market analysts
  5. Presentation Repetition – On average, we present the segmentation solution findings four times utilizing different combinations of the variables listed above to achieve maximum comprehension and uptake

Institutionalizing the segmentation solution within and across the organization is the most underrated and underappreciated skill set associated with segmentation development. Isn’t it time you found a partner that judges success not by the elegance of the statistical solution, but by the success rate in Client application?

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