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Help! I’m Drowning in Adherence-Enhancing Interventions

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Leave it to biopharma to over-correct and make improving adherence (compliance+persistency) more of an issue that it needs to be.
Why do I say that?

When I’m doing my second level of evidence appraisal this month that recommends a ‘harmonization’ strategy due to an over-abundance of adherence-enhancing interventions, I know we have an issue in the industry.

I’ll suspend disbelief and assume that you already know the factors (and weighting) that impact adherence for your brand. Once you have the factors, you should then ask yourself the following questions (In this order), before selecting an intervention:

  1. What is the desired behavior change I’m looking for?
  2. What is my company’s ability to influence this behavior directly given my known constraints?
  3. What is the key messaging point that I could deliver?
  4. How likely is that message point to stimulate the desired behavior change?
  5. How would I measure the change (i.e., metric)?
  6. Is there some other party that could more effectively address the desired behavior?

We have worked with our clients to literally line up the answers to these questions against the factors driving non-adherence in an Excel model to quickly identify the optimal set of adherence-enhancing interventions for their brands.

Not sure where to start? I’m happy to help.

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