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Where is the Feedback Loop in Your Adherence Plan?

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Results from our research indicate that the number of adherence-enhancing interventions that pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketers have put together to ‘help’ overwhelms both physicians and patients alike. The issue is more pronounced when you look at the fact that the average baby boomer is taking more than five chronic medications a day, which translates into the potential of five different adherence programs trying to gain mindshare with one patient at the same time.

As one physician interviewed in market research recently aptly put it – “Every prescription product has an adherence program, but not every prescription product needs one.” So if you have a brand that really needs a program, how do you ensure it gets the appropriate attention? It has to start with the healthcare prescriber, but how do you get them to engage with and recommend your program for their patients?

Adherence Feedback LoopThe main complaint that physicians express with adherence programs is that there isn’t a feedback loop to let them know how their patients are doing. Many physicians understand the issues with HIPAA and would be satiated with an aggregate view of the program’s utility, and incorporating a feedback loop into your adherence plan could differentiate your adherence program for both the prescriber and the patient.

Would you really recommend someone participate in a program without ever finding out what people thought about it? Why should you expect doctors to do the same?

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