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5 Keys to Effectively Addressing Adherence

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5 Keys to Addressing AdherenceOver the last year, I’ve noticed a renewed interest in applying our Evidence-Based Marketing principles to effectively address adherence. It’s a stark contrast to the phenomenon I discussed in our January 2011 blog post on adherence.

What I’ve found across the dozen or so Level of Evidence (LOE) Appraisals is that there are 5 keys to effectively addressing adherence.

  1. Become a Student of the Game – Capitalize on available academic and clinical literature that addresses adherence and adherence-enhancing interventions related to your brand / disease state
  2. Think Beyond the Patient – Adherence or non-adherence involves more than just the patient…HCPs (both physicians and nurses) also play a critical role
  3. Uncover the Factors of Influence – Non-adherence in any category is comprised of multiple factors, with varied weighting – before designing a program, it is critical to understand the factors that need to be addressed
  4. Accurately Annotate the Curve – Reasons for non-adherence change over the course of treatment – understanding the nuances of your adherence curve is an essential input to developing impactful interventions
  5. Focus on the First 90 Days – The first three months of therapy are the most critical for a chronic therapy and effectively addressing adherence typically requires a concentrated effort during this initial treatment phase

Still not sure where to start? Why not capitalize on our adherence expertise, our normative data set, and our ‘keys’ to benefit your brand. After all, you shouldn’t have to pay for a learning curve.

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