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Wait, Did Every Agency Strategist Go to The Same Mid-Level Seminar?

Mid-level SeminarMy business partner and I have noticed an epidemic of Mid-Level HCP Strategy recommendations among our biotechnology clients lately. We were averaging roughly 1 mid-level HCP focused level of evidence appraisal per year, but over the past 12 months we’ve examined this topic no less than a half dozen times. We’re starting to think that there was a Mid-Level HCP Seminar that everyone went to and didn’t tell us. Actually, it seems to be the strategy du jour once you start to believe that you’ve exhausted your physician and patient strategic opportunities (which is almost never the case).

If you find yourself drawn into a discussion about creating a Mid-Level HCP Strategy for your brand, here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Untapped potential – the simple fact is that you’re probably already reaching these audiences through personal and non-personal communication vehicles. So how untapped is the potential really?
  • Umbrella fallacy – Mid-levels don’t like being called mid-levels and PAs don’t like being grouped with NPs, and neither group likes being lumped together with registered nurses. Given this, placing them all under one strategic umbrella doesn’t work
  • Scale Challenge – Truth is there aren’t that many NPs and PAs practicing in specialists’ offices when you look at the available data. Plus the volume gets further reduced when you overlay the physician target list for your specific category, so garnering the scale needed to move scripts poses a significant challenge
  • Size Matters – Roles and responsibilities of Mid-Levels are not universal and largely depend on the number of mid-levels within a practice, so execution becomes tricky without conducting time consuming practice profiling prior to rollout
  • Field Execution – Speaking of roles and responsibilities, the latitude that PAs and particularly, NPs have depends mainly on state laws. This requires a very nuanced execution by the field that typically hasn’t been demonstrated at the physician level let alone for mid-levels

If you find that you really need to objectively and independently evaluate the Mid-Level HCP opportunity for your category, give us a call. In addition to an analysis of your market, we’ll have a set of normative insights waiting for you and your team!

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