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    Do You Really Know What You’re Supporting in Your Patient Support Program?

    June 24, 2011

    I was recently asked to review the output from a Client workshop that centered on coming up with components for a patient support program for a neurology product. The ideas that came out of the meeting were the usual suspects of our fast-follower industry:

    • Starter Kit, including patient brochure
    • Patient website
    • Call Center
    • CRM Program
    • Caregiver Component
    • Co-pay Card
    • Requisite Premium

    Taking a step back, I wondered what we were actually supporting as part of the program. As an evidence-based marketer, I ran a literature search to see if I could at a minimum undercover a validated construct for patient support in this disease state. I was quickly able to identify a construct that had been validated through a series of real world experiments in the targeted disease state and had been published in peer-reviewed journals. The construct not only identified 6 key factors for support, but also outlined validated interventions to address each.

    Meeting with the Client, we decided that the backbone for the development of the patient support program should be rooted in the ‘science’ and the construct became the touchstone for the development of the program. Ultimately, this experience became one of our strongest case studies for the rationale behind Evidence-Based Marketing. I’d be happy to share it with you.

    Or, how about we get started on your Brand?

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