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DTC Advertising Effectiveness – A Picture Says a Thousand Words

One of our core constructs at ROF is the level of evidence taxonomy that looks to evaluate and appraise the quality and quantity of evidence supporting a key business question (KBQ) in an unbiased and independent manner. It’s quite rare that a single chart can succinctly communicate the key finding of a comprehensive analysis of primary and secondary research on the effectiveness of a marketing investment – in this case DTC advertising (DTCA).

DTC SOV vs. Product NRxWe recently conducted a careful examination of one of the most heavily advertised DTC categories over the past year, and the results were truly mind blowing – and not in a good way for DTCA.

Even with an aggressive ramp up of DTC dollars to encompass almost half of the category share of voice, the new prescription trend line is unaltered from the investment.

Many profess to want to know the ROI for DTCA, but few really want to know the answer. If you truly want to do the due diligence in evaluating the effectiveness of a DTCA investment, give us a call. We will help you clearly visualize the answer!

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